Who can participate?

Students who have completed the 9th grade & older. CityReach is designed for these students in mind.

Can I bring college students?

Yes. While CityReach is designed with high school students in mind, we know that college students will want to join up with us. We welcome them to come along and partner with us. It will be up to the individual church how they choose to incorporate their college students.  

Can I bring my own children?

Yes. Keep in mind that CityReach is designed for high school students. There will be late nights, early mornings, and a true worship service every night. If the CityReach location does offer a child centered camp, your children is able to go there during the ministry track time. If the CityReach location does not, it is up to the parent or sponsor to supervise their children. There is not a scheduled Children's Chapel service for children to attend to during CityReach worship. If a sponsor, leader, or ministry track is willing to serve in that capacity, then CityReach welcomes the help and we will spread the word! Prices for children are based upon where the child sleeps and what they eat. Children who sleep in their own bed and take a plate at dinner will be charged the full price of a CityReacher. If a child will not be sleeping in their own bed and will not be taking a plate for dinner, they will not be charged a CityReach fee. 

When do I have to pay?

•Payment 1: $100 registration fee per person is due postmarked by Feb. 17.                    

                      $125 deposit per person if received after Feb. 17.

•Payment 2: Anaheim - $500 (remaining balance per person) due by May 5.

                      Omaha - $460 (remaining balance per person) due by May 5.

Payment can be made by check, made payable to CityReach.  

The full cost of CityReach 2018 Anaheim is $500.  Late registration is $525.

The full cost of CityReach 2018 Omaha is $460. Late registration is $485.

Can I add people later?

Absolutely – Provided CityReach has not reached full capacity. Since CityReach can reach maximum capacity we suggest you register everyone early. 

What if I need to cancel students or make substitutions?

We know that this happens. Please contact Meaghan McNamara with any changes to your original registration. 

What does the fee cover?

Lodging while in Anaheim, CA and/or Omaha, NE

All meals while at CityReach

Construction materials or project supplies

Highly qualified worship band and speaker

When will I find out what ministry tract I will be in?  

The ministry tract list will be emailed about a week before CityReach.  

Do my students need to go through any training prior to CityReach?

On the schedule you will see that ministry tract prep/training will take place on Sunday afternoon. This will be for their specific area of ministry throughout the week. However, CityReach has gone to great lengths to improve this process. We have fashioned training material that is a requirement for each church/student to participate in prior to attending CityReach 2018. This material will be distributed via email and website as soon as they are completed.

What should my students wear everyday?

CityReach is a casual event. The biggest concern is what will be worn during the ministry tracts Monday – Thursday. Please make sure you inform your students of their ministry tract so they can pack accordingly. Those who will be in construction should consider wearing clothing that can get dirty. Also students are required to wear closed-toe shoes (athletic shoes, boots, etc.) to their work site. The only exception is carwash. For more info, a packing list is available on the home page. 

Where do we go when we get to Anaheim, CA?

Everyone will be staying at Hope International Christian College. Check in and registration will take place at __________ (see map). All maps can be downloaded from the website by clicking the Maps and Directions link.

Where will we be lodging while at Hope International Christian College?

Where do we go when we get to Omaha, NE?

Everyone will be staying at University of Nebraska Omaha. Check in and registration will take place at                 (see map). All maps can be downloaded from the website by clicking the Maps and Directions link.

Where will we be lodging while at University of Nebraska Omaha?

What about transportation?

Due to the nature of CityReach we ask that churches be prepared to use their vehicles for the transportation of students during CityReach. Students will be transported from the university campus to the project site. As well as to the lunch site. Transportation plans will be set the week of CityReach at a meeting normally held on Sunday afternoon.

What about children or preschoolers?

There will be no childcare provided at CityReach. For children who are in the 6yr - 11yr old, they are welcome to join in any of the XCamps or Backyard City Clubs being run during the week of CityReach.

*Each parent (of young children) is expected to be sensitive to the function and reverence of each CityReach ministry track, worship service and event. 

What will my adult leaders do everyday?

If the adults did not pick a ministry project, they may feel free to join a team where they are needed. We ask that adults participate in everything involved with CityReach (ministry tract, worship, meetings, etc.).

What will youth pastors do at CityReach?

Youth pastors need to attend all scheduled meetings. Youth pastors will serve as leaders during ministry tracts. You will work along side students in order to build relationships and provide leadership. Also, youth pastors will be asked to share the gospel throughout the week when the opportunity arises. Please be available to step in and serve where needed.

Can I arrive late or leave early?

Please avoid late arrival or early departure at all cost. We want students and leaders to get the full experience of CityReach. If you cannot avoid it please contact someone on the CityReach team.

What does a typical day look like?

Check out the schedule for #CRAnaheim or #CROmaha.