CR+ Arlington

#CRArlington / September 2018

CityReach is excited to announce our  partnership with Lifeline Baptist Church and pastor David Smith! You can follow Lifeline Baptist Church on their website or on Facebook

Check back later for more information. 

CR+ Ministry Teams

Grab a quick preview of your #CROmaha opportunities to serve. 

  • Construction

    Team Construction loves to get their hands a little messy. During the days of ministry, this team will have multiple projects to work on across the city that can range from gardening to building. There is no need for construction experience here, each team will be guided through each task. What is needed is a servant's heart who is willing to work hard and get a little dirty. 

  • B.l.e.s.s.

    Sometimes the easiest way to love others is to pray for them. The B.L.E.S.S. team will purposefully encounter others in order to pray for their needs. If you are brave enough to talk to strangers, or if you need a gut check to overcome your fear, give this ministry track a try. 

  • Special OPS

    Wake people up to the love of Jesus with random acts of kindness. This team serves others at random, doing things from providing breaks to teachers and first responders to giving away waters. Join this team if you are willing to do anything, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Encouragement

    Due to the nature of CityReach+, we know that intense physical involvement can be difficult for some, that is why we have the Encouragement Team. Their job during ministry times is to stay behind the scenes and pray for all the other CityReachers out in the city. This team also writes letters of encouragement to city officials and other community leaders. It is their love, encouragement, and kind words that keeps every other ministry going.