#CRPlusNWA / September 23-27, 2020

CityReach is excited to announce our partnership with Pastors Aaron Johnson and Russ Knight and their church plant in Northwest Arkansas! You can follow NWA project here on Facebook. 

About CR+


CR+ Cost

CR+ NWA 2020 Cost :: $235

*A registration fee of $100 per CityReach will be REQUIRED and postmarked by August 19, 2019. 

(Please note: Any registration fee paid after August 19th will be $125, making the total cost $260/CityReacher)

The remaining balance of $135 per CityReacher will be due by September 16th.

Please note our refund policy below:

*100 deposit is due by Aug. 19th ($125 deposit after Aug 14th). Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable to the remaining balance. It can be transferred to another CityReacher's. Contact Tony Harp if you have questions, 903.753.3768.

*The balance of $135 is due by Sept. 16th; 

*In emergency scenarios a letter may be submitted to the CityReach Registrar describing the scenario and the CityReach board will approve or deny. 


While this mission trip is designed for adults, singles, college to empty-nesters, we welcome willing servants of all ages to join!

Lodging will be your choosing. it is not included in the CityReach fee. 

Here's the overview of  the CR+ Hattiesburg schedule

Wednesday, September 23

Check-in 3-5:00pm (Supper on your own)

Orientation & Ministry training


Thursday - Saturday, September 24-26

Breakfast (on your own)

Devo & Send out




Supper (provided except for Saturday)

Worship  (Saturday is a free night for groups)


Sunday, September 27

CR+ gathering


CR+ Worship

Doug Curtis

Worship Leader, Memorial BC, DeQueen, Arkansas

CR+ Speaker

Jason Sheffstall

Pastor - Stonebridge BC, Morgantown, WV

CR+ Group Registration

Group registration will be available on our updated site in mid-January!

CR+ Individual Registration

Individual registration will be available on our updated site in mid-January!

CR+ Ministry Teams

Grab a quick preview of your #CRPlusNWA opportunities to serve. 

  • B.l.e.T.Z

    Leadership Oversight: Jonathon Smith

    This year we are combining Team BLESS and Team BLITZ into one encompassing door-to-door ministry. Sometimes the easiest way to love others is to pray for them. Team BLETZ will purposefully encounter others in order to pray for their needs. At times when door-to-door is at an inconvenience for the neighborhood, Team BLITZ will hit the pavement hard and canvas the neighborhood with door hangers with information about LifeLine Baptist Church. If you are brave enough to talk to strangers, if you need a gut check to overcome your fears, or if you are wanting to double your steps for the day, give this ministry track a try. 

  • Construction

    Team Construction loves to get their hands a little messy. During the days of ministry, this team will work to help complete the Logo MBC building. It's close, and with your help we can get them closer to opening it for public worship services. 

  • Encouragement

    Due to the nature of CityReach+, we know that intense physical involvement can be difficult for some, that is why we have the Encouragement Team. Their job during ministry times is to stay behind the scenes and pray for all the other CityReachers out in the city. This team also writes letters of encouragement to city officials and other community leaders. It is their love, encouragement, and kind words that keeps every other ministry going.

  • Everyday Acts

    Leadership Oversight: Kyle Alonso

    Wake people up to the love of Jesus with random acts of kindness. This team serves others at random, doing things from providing breaks to teachers and first responders to giving away waters. Join this team if you are willing to do anything, anytime, anywhere.